How to Build a Better Team – Part 1 2

  One of the most common questions we get asked after a Thoughtstream is – Now what? We hear things like “Oh, wow, that’s a lot of information. What do we do with it? How do we act on it?” This was such a common experience that we now proactively bring it up before we […]

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New flowers blooming in spring

An Innovation in How We Handle Thoughts

Spring. A time of new growth and the perfect time to innovate, launch new initiatives and begin afresh. In the spirit of the season, we are really excited to share a fresh, new process with you. Over the past few years we have facilitated hundreds of stakeholder engagements and converged almost a half a million […]

We’re Ready to Rocket Again 1

For the second year running Thoughtstream has been included in Rocket Builders annual Ready to Rocket list of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies on the rise. Past Ready to Rocket alumni include Unbounce and Hootsuite so we feel we are in the very best company. Since 2003 the folks at Rocket Builders have been listing the […]

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You have not come a long way, baby.

Women in Educational Leadership

In the near future, we shall have more women than men in charge of the vast educational system. It is a woman’s natural field, and she is no longer satisfied to do the larger part of the work and yet be denied the leadership. ~ Ella Flagg Young, Superintendent, Chicago Public Schools, 1909 Ella was the first female […]

School Superintendents at War 1

Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of getting to know more than a few superintendents working within the education system. We have also become very familiar with the landscape of education in the US and in Canada. What we are coming to understand is that there is a war going on, […]