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Top 10 Reasons to Engage Online

In our mobile, technology laden, online world it’s easy to forget that not everyone has fully embraced online community engagement. I know, hard to believe  Yet true and understandable. Half the world is on Facebook – and that means half the world in not. If you don’t use social media or participate in online processes, […]

Top 10 reasons to engage online


Socrates and the Neuroscience of Leadership

Over the past decade research in the science of motivation, engagement and buy-in has grown exponentially. Much of the research has come from the field of neuroscience, where findings support the practice of actively and genuinely engaging community stakeholders in decision-making. What do we dislike? What researchers have discovered – and this will come as […]

Building a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 1

The last post in the series was about overall organizational strategy. The big, overarching master plan. Here we finally get to the place where we look at the engagement strategy. Before we do – a few words about culture. Culture really does eat strategy for lunch 12 Reasons Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch from Joe […]

Stakeholder Engagement Pyramid